Are Car Seats Without ISOFIX Safe?

Are Car Seats Without ISOFIX Safe

The fact that traveling in a car involves a considerable amount of risk cannot be overemphasized. Thus, taking the necessary safety precautions such as fastening the seat belts is not only reasonable but also essential. However, traveling with a child or a baby can pose extra ordinary difficulties because the ordinary seats and seat belts […]

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Tips on How to Pump Breast Milk


Feeding your child liquid gold is something that most mothers would want to do. With hectic schedules, it may not be possible to have your little one drink breast milk straight from the source at all times. It should not be something to give you sleepless nights because you can still pump the milk and […]

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Do Baby Bouncers Delay Walking?


Parents are often very concerned about the rate at which their children are developing. While kids will all develop at different rates, parents will frequently still be concerned if their kids are developing slower than they would have expected in any way. If kids haven’t achieved a specific milestone at a certain point, parents will […]

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Are High Chairs Required in Restaurants?

Are High Chairs Required in Restaurants

High Chairs in Restaurants Parents might all have the same question before they decide to go out to dinner with their kids: are high chairs required in restaurants? The short answer is that high chairs are not required in restaurants. Restaurants that tend to cater to families will be more likely to have them, of […]

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