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Do Baby Bouncers Delay Walking?


Parents are often very concerned about the rate at which their children are developing. While kids will all develop at different rates, parents will frequently still be concerned if their kids are developing slower than they would have expected in any way. If kids haven’t achieved a specific milestone at a certain point, parents will […]

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Are High Chairs Required in Restaurants?

Are High Chairs Required in Restaurants

High Chairs in Restaurants Parents might all have the same question before they decide to go out to dinner with their kids: are high chairs required in restaurants? The short answer is that high chairs are not required in restaurants. Restaurants that tend to cater to families will be more likely to have them, of […]

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Should I Get a Baby Monitor with Video?

Should I get a baby monitor with video? This is a question that most mothers ask themselves and it is understandable that they would have a hard time deciding whether or not they should do this. The easiest way for you to decide if this is right for you is to weigh the advantages and […]

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Do Baby Monitors Help Prevent SIDS?

Do Baby Monitors Help Prevent SIDS

Many mothers often ask, “do baby monitors help prevent SIDS?” The joy of any mother is to have a healthy baby, and also watch them grow to adulthood. Babies are however at risk of many infections and diseases that may lead to death at an early age. Knowing the risk factors and taking precaution is […]

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Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation?

Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation

Do baby monitors emit radiation? This is obviously a question that any mother or mother-to-be would want to know the answer to. The idea of having something in the baby’s room that is designed to keep him or her safe, yet that could potentially emit radiation, is a scary thought. Therefore, a lot of individuals […]

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Should Parents Use Baby Walkers?

Should Parents Use Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are like bikes with training wheels for older children. Parents often wonder if such training products are necessary, or if they should just allow their children to learn without crutches or security blankets. New mommies and daddies often think about the accessories and products that can help their children to develop. One of […]

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Are Baby Monitors FSA Eligible?

Are Baby Monitors FSA Eligible

Are baby monitors FSA eligible? First and foremost, it is important to define exactly what FSA eligible really means. This refers to a flexible spending account, something that you probably have through your insurance at work. Typically, it is the same thing that you can use to purchase eyeglasses or in some cases, get dental […]

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